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The Learn2Tape Kinesiology Taping System eCourse consists of multiple chapters and lessons working their way from an introduction to Kinesiology Taping, background and instructions on our taping system, various quizzes, resources and varying applications. Some of the concepts discussed in this lesson are covered in earlier parts of our eCourse.

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You know what it is. It’s that crazy colorful tape that your see on professional athletes and Olympians. Kinesiology tape is the fastest growing rehab solution in the heath care market today.

Now you can become a Certified Kinesiology Taping Specialist (CKTS™) without ever having to leave your home or practice. The K-Cuts Taping System Certification eCourse is the first of its kind home study program to offer you the most comprehensive means of understanding the amazing world of kinesiology taping. The K-Cuts Taping System eCourse offers you the ultimate educational experience. Unlike other on-line courses that simply run a camera from the back of the room and expect the viewer to get the same experience as the live participant, we took the time to be sure that you feel like you’re actually in the classroom, providing you the best seat in the room. We will periodically step away from the classroom to work with you one on one in the treatment room as well as guide you through up close and personal applications of over 30 common and complicated conditions we most frequently see.

Have you been searching for a modality that will compliment your manual therapy practice?

Are looking for a way to improve patient outcomes as well as overall compliance with your treatment strategy?

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Additionally, when you purchase the K-Cuts Taping System Certification eCourse you will receive our K-Cuts Taping System Application Book loaded with over 90 pages of full color images of more than 30 easy to follow applications. Along with the book, you will also receive a roll of the kinesiology tape from our good friends at Scrip Hessco/Massage Warehouse.

At the conclusion of this eClass, practitioners will be able to use kinesiology taping to effectively enhance their clinical outcomes and therefor, overall patient satisfaction.

How does the course work?

The K-Cuts Taping System Certification is broken up into multiple sections. Our educational platform allows you to work at your own pace, repeat sections whenever you like and offers brief quizzes as you progress, to be certain you are acquiring all the knowledge you need before moving ahead. By layering our eCourse in this format, participants have thrived and excelled. We know you will too!

The K-Cuts Taping System Certification consists of 65 multiple choice that are derived from both the eCourse and the recommended reading links provided along the way. Additionally, candidates will provide 9 evaluations of pre-selected applications and submit images of each completed application. The final step to complete the certification will be the submission of 2 video practicals that students will explain, in detail, the application being demonstrated. A successful passing grade of 80% is required in order to be able to download your certificate of completion, worth 16 NCTMB approved CE’s. Upon successful completion of this course, you will also be able to download your certification certificate and earn the designation of Certified Kinesiology Taping Specialist or CKTS™.

Didn’t pass the first time? No worries. We will work with you until you are confident, certified and on your way to a successful career as a CKTS™.

Not only is the K-Cuts Taping System Certification eCourse one of THE best on-line CE values out there, there is no other on-line certification like it. We have a combined 40 years of experience in the treatment room & teaching. We have taught classes across the US and Canada. One of our biggest regrets and challenges was trying to reach those of you who are not close to the typical large markets that commonly get live courses. We are so excited to be able to offer this unique and extraordinary learning experience to everyone, without anyone having to ever pack a bag.