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These changing and challenging times have altered the way we improve upon our education, beyond the ‘traditional’ classroom. The landscape in education may be changing for many instructors, but we have been providing a robust, comprehensive and intuitive on-line learning platform, successfully, for many years. We have redesigned our complete home study certification program in order to make it accessible for everyone, with resourceful upgrade options, at just a fraction of the cost.

Drew Freedman, Founder of Learn2Tape & Boston Bodyworker

You know what it is. It’s that crazy colorful tape that your see on professional athletes and Olympians. Kinesiology tape is the fastest growing rehab solution in the health care market today.

Now you can learn what hundreds of others have learned. You will learn how to tape patients for more than 30 common conditions without ever having to leave your home. The K-Cuts Taping System eCourse is the first of its kind home study program to offer you the most comprehensive means of understanding the amazing world of kinesiology taping. The K-Cuts Taping System eCourse offers you the ultimate educational experience. Unlike other online courses that simply run a camera from the back of the room and expect the viewer to get the same experience as the live participant, we took the time to be sure that you feel like you’re actually in the classroom, providing you the best seat in the room. We will periodically step away from the classroom to work with you one on one in the treatment room as well as guide you through up close and personal applications of over 30 common and complicated conditions we most frequently see.

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