About Us

Drew Freedman, Founder

Learn 2 Tape™ and the K-Cuts Taping System emerged from over 18 years of hands-on clinical practice and research by its developer, Drew Freedman. Drew is the principal and founder of Learn 2 Tape™ and The Boston Bodyworker™. Established in 1999, The Boston Bodyworker™ has been the leading provider of clinical massage and bodywork in New England for over 24 years. Drew Freedman is a Board Certified Massage Therapist (BCMT). He is a graduate from the University of South Florida’s Sports Medicine program where he served as an Athletic Trainer for their Basketball and Volleyball teams. Drew has also had the good fortune of working with several College, Professional and Olympic teams throughout his long career. He originally started using kinesiology tape in the early 2000’s and eventually became a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP™) through the Kinesio Association in 2007. In 2010, Drew chose not renew his certification with Kinesio and pursued his vision of creating Learn2Tape® and the K-Cuts Taping System®. The K-Cuts Taping System was created so manual therapists can easily comprehend and implement kinesiology taping into their own practices. By applying this system of taping to his patients, Drew has witnessed outstanding results that may not have been achieved as efficiently or effectively if not for the assistance of these applications.

Drew is frequently asked to speak at conferences and symposiums across the US and Canada. In 2013 he presented at the World Massage Conference where he broke the record for the most attended workshop in World Massage Conference history.

Rick Garbowski, LMT

Rick is a state-licensed professional massage therapist who has held the positions of lead instructor, director of education, division director, and school owner during his 25-year career as an award winning massage therapy educator. His responsibilities have included developing curriculum, managing/training/scheduling a teaching staff, and providing student instruction and clinic oversight, in addition to managing institution-wide standards of accreditation and development of self-evaluation reports. Rick is an innovative curriculum architect who has developed both linear and modular program designs for numerous massage therapy and esthetics programs. He has experience with all levels of massage curriculum development including updating existing programs, expanding program hours to meet federal financial aid guidelines, merging multiple programs, and building programs from start to finish. Rick was one of four curriculum design experts in the country to be selected to participate in the Entry Level Analysis Project (ELAP), a two year research study that culminated in the development of a 500 page national massage curriculum blueprint for entry level massage therapy training. He has a gift for massage education, and has the unique ability to tailor his presentation style to meet the specific needs of his students.