Atlanta, GA | September 2016 | K-Cuts Taping System - Learn 2 Tape

Atlanta, GA | September | 9am - 3pm

Learn2Tape Presents:

The K-Cuts™ Taping System

Supporting Function; Enhancing Movement

Instructors: Drew Freedman, BCMT, CKTMI™ & Rick Garbowski, LMT,CKTMI™

Hosted by: Georgia Massage School

Date: September 2016

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm both days

Cost: $99

NCTMB Approved CEU’s: 6
Please see Georgia Massage Board ruling on eligible CE’s listed below

Have you ever wanted to prolong the impact of your work beyond your treatment rooms? Well, now you can! The Kinesiology Taping Method (KTM™) is the tool that you have been missing in your practice. When applied correctly, clients often report; “It feels like your hands are still on me when I leave.”

The goal of this KTM™ workshop is to provide manual therapists with the means of understanding the fundamental principles and therapeutic applications of the Kinesiology Taping Method. This workshop will introduce you to the range of benefits kinesiology taping can have within your practice. You will learn the fundamentals of KTM™, how to apply a variety of different taping applications in order to achieve maximized results.

Our proprietary KCuts™Application Grid will be the cornerstone of your taping success. It will have you understanding how to use kinesiology tape for almost any condition. Knowing that to get the most out of your kinesiology taping applications requires lots of practice, this workshop will be the catalyst in your ongoing mastery of this new skill set, by offering 75% hands-on learning over the 6 hours of time together.

In this workshop you will learn multiple applications that are immediately applicable to your practice. You will have a strong foundation on the fundamentals of kinesiology taping as well as be educated about how to apply a variety of different Kinesiology Taping Methods for common injuries to achieve maximized outcomes. You will learn how this taping system can be a beneficial adjunct to your current treatment approach that will allow you to achieve longer lasting results.

With over 40 years of combined experience in massage therapy field, Drew Freedman and Rick Garbowski will have you understanding, applying and selling your new found skills in your practice. Using tried and true marketing and business developement techniques, you will walk away confident that you will see your overall patient satisfaction improve, but have an addition revenue stream to compliment your growth as professional.

Types of applications you will learn:



Restore normal resting tone


Removal of excess fluid from tissues underlying skin.


Enhanced joint support


Pain modulation at the site of soft tissue pathology

Many of the following conditions will be discussed and practiced:

Note: We reserve the right to add or remove certain conditions according to the flow of the class and the allotted time for each workshop.

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Atlanta, GA | September 2016| Kinesiology Taping Method



Georgia CEU’s Acknowledgement *

The Georgia Board of Massage Therapy has determined that CEU’s received for Kinesiology Taping classes MAY NOT be used towards renewal of a Georgia license under the current board rules. According to the State Board, a massage therapist in Georgia may choose to take taping classes AND incorporate taping into their practice, however, according to the GA board, this form of treatment does not require advanced medical knowledge, therefore does not qualify for CEU’s under their massage therapy license.

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