Burlington, Ontario | CMC | September 28

Learn2Tape Presents:

The K-Cuts™ Taping System

An Introduction to Kinesiology Taping

Instructors: Drew Freedman, BCMT, CKTMI™ & Rick Garbowski, LMT,CKTMI™

Location: Burlington Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center

Hosted by: One Concept

Date: September 28, 2017

Course Length: 7 Hours/7 CEU’s

  • Shannon S.
    “As both a Licensed Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist this unique system of kinesiology taping makes PERFECT physiological sense to me. I have explored other forms of taping and descriptions/instructions such as “taping muscles” seemed like a far fetched, unattainable outcome, the tissue is too deep. I stopped exploring, until I came across this course being offered through the AMTA Conference. The intention of this taping system to both “lift the skin” and “provide sensory input” is exactly what is happening with it’s application! You can see it, you can feel it, and you can experience almost immediate results in some cases, especially relief of joint pain. I went home from this course and immediately started taping everyone in my family, friends and brought it to the clinic. The results are amazing. I have used this taping for everything from lateral epicondylitis, upper trapezius pain, muscle dysfunction in relation to poor posture, SI joint instability and swelling due to a sprained ankle. I am thrilled to have found K-Cuts taping system for use as an adjunct therapy solution to my massage practice. This taping system continues the work where my hands leave off!”
    Shannon S.


This course uses Learn2Tape’s exclusive K-Cuts Taping System™ to explain the basic principles and applications of kinesiology taping. This systematic approach provides you with all the skills you will need to effectively enhance the clinical outcomes of clients suffering from pain, joint instability, swelling and increased/decreased muscle tone.

Our vision here at Learn2Tape® is to help you easily understand the appropriate way to effectively incorporate kinesiology taping into your practice, regardless of the brand of tape you choose.


After hearing a lecture on the K-Cuts Taping System™, observing an instructors demonstration and practicing technique, students will be able to perform the following tasks with a minimum of 70% accuracy.

  • Describe the objective for each of the following kinesiology tape applications
    (Swelling application, Pain application, Joint application, Muscle application)
  • Explain the functionality of each taping application
  • Describe in ones own words how kinesiology tape enhances and supports the systems of the body
  • Explain the effect varying tape tensions have on lift and recoil
  • Demonstrate the correct method for cleaning the skin prior to applying kinesiology tape
  • Demonstrate the correct method for measuring tape length
  • Correctly apply tape anchors with 0% tension
  • Correctly apply varying levels of tape tension in the therapeutic zone based on type of application
  • Correctly apply tape ends with 0% tension
  • Integrate multiple taping applications for treatment of instructor selected pathologies
  • At the conclusion of this workshop, students will be provided the opportunity to gain exclusive access to our K-Cuts Taping System eCourse. This workshop complies with the K-Cuts Taping System Certification program standards. All work covered will not need to be retaken in order to certify.


    Drew Freedman is the owner and founder of Learn 2 Tape™ and The Boston Bodyworker™. He is a Board Certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Kinesiology Taping Master Instructor (CKTMI™), and an approved provider with the National Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. He has served as an Athletic Trainer and massage therapists for several college and professional teams and has over 18 years of clinical and business experience. Drew’s wealth of knowledge in both the applications of kinesiology tape as well as the integration of kinesiology taping into a manual therapy practice make him one of the most highly sought educators in our industry.

    Rick Garbowski, the co-owner/director of Georgia Massage School, has held the positions of Lead Instructor, Director of Education, Division Director, and School Owner during his 24-year career as a full time massage therapy educator. Rick is an innovative curriculum architect who has experience in all levels of massage curriculum development. He has a gift for massage education and a unique ability to tailor his presentation style to meet the specific needs of his students. Rick was one of four curriculum design experts chosen to work on the Entry Level Analysis Project (ELAP), the largest massage education project undertaken in the profession, and has been honored with two prestigious awards: the 2013 Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) President’s award for industry service, and the 2013 American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Jerome Perlinski National Teacher of the Year award.

    Types of applications you will learn:



    Restore normal resting tone


    Removal of excess fluid from tissues underlying skin.


    Enhanced joint support


    Pain modulation at the site of soft tissue pathology

    Many of the following conditions will be discussed and practiced: