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Kinesio Tape Helps Reduce Low Back Pain

sd11If I told you that we could significantly reduce your low back pain in half the time with the intervention of kinesiology tape, would you do it? If you have ever experienced an episode of low back pain (LBP), which statistics show that more than 85% of us will in our lifetime, you know that you would rub cockroach paste on your low back if it would help with the pain?


Granted, LBP is never a straightforward injury. There are multiple, I dare say an unlimited means of how an individuals back pain is experienced. However, once assessed properly and the culprit of the pain is determined, the intervention of kinesiology tape in conjunction with a well rounded treatment strategy has been shown to provide an additional layer of relief apposed to not applying it all.


The following study; The effect of Kinesio taping application for acute non-specific low back pain: a randomized controlled clinical trial, concluded that Kinesio taping provided significant improvements in pain and disability; thus, it can be used as a complementary method in acute non-specific low back pain.