Kinesiology taping can be an effective treatment method in Lateral Epicondylitis

You can call it ‘tennis elbow’, Lateral Epicondylitis or if you are current on your research for this condition, ‘Lateral Epicondylosis’.  The suffix ‘osis’ means ‘the degeneration of’ and the research has shown that there is every little to any inflammation or ‘itis’ occurring in these conditions.  This is likely the reason why we have seen great success when we implement a consistent soft tissue treatment strategy in conjunction with this kinesiology taping application.  For many, they are often frustrated when several days of icing, NSAID’s and rest don’t have any impact on the pain they are experiencing.  The reason is because the overuse condition has created a degeneration of the extensors that, over time, have become weakened and strained.  This type of condition requires a much larger window of healing then a simple inflammatory phase.  Adding the additional layer of kinesiology taping can have a significant improvement in all parameters in terms of pain, Nirschl score, hand grip strength, patient satisfaction, and PRTEQ scores at 2 and 6 weeks, according to this study published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.

The following video can be an effective means of treatment for this condition.