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KT has Significant Impact on Post Mastectomy Recovery

Kinesiology tape is often considered a modality to be used by athletes.  It’s understandable how this has become a common mindset among patients and therapists, given the publics exposure is primarily in the realm of sports.  However, kinesiology tape is by no means limited to athletic related injuries and conditions.  Just as ultra-sound, e-stim or corrective exercises are prescribed for common pain and injury complaints, so should kinesiology tape.  One of the best means of using kinesiology tape is in the reduction of swelling.  Swelling produced by acute trauma or post surgically is significantly reduced when kinesiology tape is a part of the treatment protocol.

This 2016 study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy on The effect of kinesio taping with exercise compared with exercise alone on pain, range of motion, and disability of the shoulder in post mastectomy females: a randomized control trial’, shows just how effective kinesiology tape can be for those who have under gone this extreme surgery.