Kinesiology Taping for a Lateral Ankle Sprain - Learn 2 Tape

Kinesiology Taping for a Lateral Ankle Sprain

Application: Ligament Application

Tape Tension: 25-75%

Tissue Stretch: No – Ligament is placed in a mild degree of tension

Objective: To provide both mechanoreceptive and proprioceptive input to assist in the stabilization of the ankle joint

The use of kinesiology tape for the treatment of a lateral ankle sprain can be extremely effective. The following video demonstrates an application for a mild or 1st degree sprain that is 2 weeks old.

In many cases of acute sprains, we would start by applying a lymphatic application aimed to decrease the swelling from the injury. Once the swelling has diminished, it is important to provide the ankle with support, while maintaining a certain degree of mobility. If the ankle remains in a rigid or stationary position for a prolonged period of time, it can develop adhesions that ultimately limit the mobility of the ankle and may be detrimental to a full recovery.

By applying a ligament application you can provide the ankle with the appropriate amount of stabilization as well as provide some proprioceptive feed back that is integral for reducing pain and normalizing the soft tissue.

When applied in conjunction with the proper rehab protocol of pain reduction and normalizing the soft tissue prior to beginning any kind of strengthening or stretching, you will see significant results in your patient’s overall recovery process. There are other applications that may be applied as you move into the next phases of increase the loads on the tissues.