Loose Ends: Fall 2018 - Learn 2 Tape

Loose Ends: Fall 2018

The start of the Fall season was a welcomed lull for travel commitments here at Learn2Tape. The Summer had us jetting to all edges of the states, seeing and meeting some amazing folks.
Thank you to all of you who have been tossing recommendations of places to come and teach in 2019.

We have seen quite a spike in traffic with our eCourse over the past few months and we have so many of you to thank. Keep posting your images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag us (@learn2tape) and use the hashtag #Gotyourtapeon! Most importantly, continue to share this with your friends and colleagues.

Remember: If you want us to teach in your area, let us know. We are always looking to hit all parts of the country, to spread our mission to #GetYourTapeOn!