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Pes Anserinus Bursitis Research

Effects of kinesiotaping versus non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs and physical therapy for treatment of pes anserinus tendino-bursitis: A randomized comparative clinical trial

~Kaynoosh Homayouni, Shima Foruzi & Fereshte Kalhori

At Learn2Tape, we are constantly trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of kinesiology taping. However, the issues are that there are not enough quality studies nor is there much consistency with tape tensions in the studies we read.  The study we are linking to here has some great information on how kinesiology taping may be an effective adjunct for treating a condition such as Pes Anserinus tendino-bursitis. However, they fail to actually specify what degree of tape tension is being used.  That said, we have had ample success taping when applying either swelling or pain applications in acute and chronic conditions, respectively.

It’s always important to stay current with research, but never discard your clinical outcomes when you are getting actual results.  Combined with the individual needs of your patients, you can honestly say that you are managing an evidenced based approach.

Read the entire study here!